About Us

The Flamenco Workshop's mission is to instill the passion and understanding of this incomparable art form in a clear and simple manner so that one may learn the technique, history and above all the “duende” that makes this style utterly extraordinary.

With the wide range of possibilities we offer, you're bound to find the element of flamenco that interests you the most. Our shows include all the major components: Guitar, Dance, Singing and “Palmas” (rhythmical clapping). Additionally, we perform intimate and mysterious shows featuring only a guitar accompanied by the powerful and expressive cry of a flamenco singer.


Moreover, the Flamenco Workshop offers those guitarists without experience working with real "cante" to learn the technique through intensive workshops. Here the guitarists will grow comfortable with all the popular styles while playing along side "la cantaora"(singer). It is our hope that guitarists attending the Flamenco Workshop will learn both the styles of singing used to accompany the dance as well as those that are not. Lastly, the Flamenco Workshop also allows guitarists to be exposed to flamenco singing that is performed with out dancers.

The Flamenco Workshop is also happy to work with dance academies who occasionally need live singing for both classes or performances.

It is with the utmost respect that we aspire to professionally transmit the passion and love we have for our work and way of life that is , “el flamenco”.

Although we are based in Baltimore/Washington area, we can travel to other states to perform and give workshops. If you wish to contact us please write to the e-mail address you see on the main page or call us at the number you see listed.