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Alma Rodriguez Céspedes was born in Murcia, Spain and began her musical education at the age of seven in the Superior Conservatory of Murcia. When she was fifteen she co-founded a theater company which was based on the themes of rhythm, music and set design. Called 'Skandalo Teatro', the company received prizes in best lighting, set design, and best direction at the Festival Ciudad de Murcia. Upon leaving this company she joined the international company 'Arena Teatro'. This company toured throughout Europe, playing the World’s Fair in Sevilla as well as in Mama’s Theater in New York. During her time in Arena Teatro Ms. Rodriguez completed her degree in acting from the Escuela Superior de Arte Drámatico y Danza de Murcia of the Universidad de Murcia.


Soon thereafter Ms. Rodriguez set off for Barcelona where she continued acting and studying with internationally known professionals. In 2000-2001 she moved to Baltimore where she collaborated with the company Arte Flamenco directed by Natalia Monteleón as a "cantaora" (singer). Returning to Spain, she continued to study flamenco with professionals like Pepe and Antonio Piñana from Murcia. Six months later Ms. Rodriguez moved to Madrid where she studied in the Flamenco Conservatory Casa Patas with Curro Cueto and others.
In the last two years she has studied with the master guitarist Enrique Vargas, developing a deeper knowledge of a vast array of techniques, styles and rhythms. Although she is a specialist in "cante delante", singing without a dancer, she has also collaborated with the Conservatory of Dance in Murcia and the Centro Cultural Carmen Amaya in Madrid.

Paul Villmoare
Upon graduating from the University of Virginia in 1992 Paul Villmoare moved to Spain. For the next eight years he immersed himself in flamenco and flamenco culture.
In 1993 he began studying with Fernando Mejías, a well known guitarist in the Madrid tablao scene, and soon began learning how to accompany the dance with the bailaora Maruja del Palacio at El Camborio studios. In that same year he took a course in radio programming and flamenco history at Radio Vallecas with the flamencologist Antonio Escribano, author of Y Madrid Se Hizo Flamenco and Chiclana Siempre Flamenca. Upon finishing the course Mr. Villmoare started a flamenco radio program called Romancero Flamenco which lasted for three years. It was here that he made contact with some of the most important flamenco performers in Madrid, interviewing them on his program.
In 1995 he started playing in dance classes at Amor de Dios Studios in Madrid with well known flamenco dancers La Tati and Tomas de Madrid. At the same time he began to collaborate with Fernando Mejías and Dolores Jimenez's
dance company at Centro Cultural Carmen Amaya. It was here that he met cantaor David Vazquez and started performing with him at local pubs and coffee houses giving recitals of "cante delante". During his time in Madrid he performed with 'cantaores' Pepe Jimenez, David Vazquez as well as others.
In 1997 he began working with Antonio Escribano documenting the flamenco singing styles recorded between the 1940's and 1970's. During this time he also published articles related to flamenco in English and Flamenco magazines. Upon finishing his project with Antonio Escribano in 1999, Mr. Villmoare returned to the United States to study ethnomusicology at the University of Maryland.

From 1999 to 2001 he collaborated with Washington based dancers Edwin Aparicio, Sara Menendez, Sara Candela as well as Natalia Monteleon's dance company, Arte Flamenco. During this time he met his future wife, "cantaora" Alma Rodriguez, and began to perform with her around the Baltimore and Washington area. In 2001 he returned to Madrid where he began studying with master flamenco guitarist Enrique Vargas. From 2001 to 2006 he studied intensively with Enrique Vargas and also took some master classes with “El Viejín”.
In 2006 he returned to the United States where he currently lives in Baltimore with his wife and son.